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Meet Our Family







Hey everyone, I'm Sadie!  My mom says I am pure butterflies, rainbows, and unicorns.  I wear dresses, and only dresses! I also love my favorite TV shows and my very special-to-me collection of stuffed animals!

Hi there, I'm Clara!  I am 1.5 years old, and the unofficial boss baby of the family!  I just learned to walk, so I like to do everything my big sisters are doing.  I love bananas and Mac n' Cheese!  I can't wait to keep growing so I can keep trying more and more fun things!



Hi there, I'm Haven!  I'm seven years old, and just became a first grader!  I enjoy being silly with my sisters, hanging out with my grandparents, playing with friends, and riding my bike.

Hi, I'm Hannah!  I am 4 and just started Preschool.  I like to think things through, and work on puzzles or legos.  I like being with my family the most, and especially enjoy snuggling with my mommy and daddy!

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