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September 2021 Stitch Fix Kids REVEAL!

It's here! Welcome to our FIRST EVER Stitch Fix Reveal. I was honestly BLOWN away by my first Stitch Fix experience. So many gorgeous patterns, soft fabrics, and good outfits awaited me inside these boxes. I was so so impressed! They sure didn't make it easy for me to send any of the products back.

After years of being an an equally avid and frustrated cooking blog reader, I swore to never be a blogger who made people scroll down 8,000 leagues under the sea before they found the content they were looking for. So here you go: scroll away! More info available on each item at the hover (and make sure to check out our $25 off coupon below the images!).

Love what you see? Click the link below to try your first box with a $25 off credit! I'd be so grateful if you used this link to sign up and try your first box today!

I mentioned above that I was truly blown away by my first box, and it's true! The packaging of the products was on point! The first thing you will see is a list of all the products included in your box. I decided to set this aside and be surprised as I unfolded each item.

All the beautiful fabrics hit me next. Sequins, stripes, soft dresses with rainbows. My stylist seriously had fun decking out these little girls. We ordered two boxes, one for Haven (6) and one for Hannah and Sadie to share (twins; 3). Within each box, I enjoyed unfolding multiple pairs of pants, a bag of shoes, two dresses, and a few light sweatshirts/shirts. The shoes even come wrapped in a super cute shoe bag that gives me all the fancy vibes.

There's lots I could say, but I will keep my final comments about the Stitch Fix brand, Rumi + Ryder. I'm slightly scared that everything they send me under this brand I am going to fall in love with and want to purchase. While Stitch Fix sends a variety of brands, I assume Rumi + Ryder will occupy the larger percentage of the box's contents. While this could've gone the other way, these were some of the most soft, fun, and playful clothes I've ever laid my hands on.

While it was certainly part of the business plan, I am WAY TOO excited about my next fix! Be on the lookout for our next reveal coming in early October. Until then....

Keep Shining!


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