Christmas is Here!

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Santa, I know him!! We are ringing in the season with our favorite Christmas movies, lighting and decorating our tree, and breaking out ALL the Christmas crafts for the girls. I was so fortunate to happen upon the best find at Walmart last week.

It is rare to get a giant smile out of Haven. She is calm by nature and enjoys being a little bit coy as a 6 year old. But when I pulled out her Foam Princess Gingerbread House, her smile literally stretched from ear to ear. Walmart offered both a Disney Princess house and a Frozen House.

Everyone worked very diligently on their houses for around 30 minutes. What I didn't expect was that once the craft was over, the playtime began! It was a fun surprise to see them get to pretend so much with them. Mostly a lot of thunderstorms came and knocked their houses apart.

If you're looking for some decent entertainment, these foam houses are the perfect and mostly mess-free way to deliver some early Christmas fun to your kiddos. White the Frozen version is sold out online, check out the Princess house here: [affiliate link]:] May your holidays bring joy and warmth to your home over the next few weeks, I'm already soaking in the sweet memories being made here at our house.

Keep Shining!


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